Members of the lab regularly teach AI related undergraduate and graduate level courses to CS and MBA students
Courses Course Level Instructor(s)
CSE307 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence BS(CS) Ms. Asma Larik
Mr. Furqan Essani
Ms. Nida Sadaf Khan
Dr. Sajjad Haider
Ms. Saleha Raza
Mr. Usman Arif
CSE460 Introduction to Game Programming & Robotics BS(CS) Dr. Sajjad Haider
Ms. Saleha Raza
Mr. Usman Arif
CSE464 Introduction to Data Mining BS(CS) Ms. Asma Larik
Dr. Sajjad Haider
Ms. Zarmeen Nasim
CSE505 Data Mining BS/MS(CS) Dr. Sajjad Haider
CSE670 Social Network Analysis MS/PhD (CS) Dr. Quratulain Rajput
CSE652 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining MS/PhD (CS) Dr. Sajjad Haider
CSE661 Semantic Web MS/PhD (CS) Dr. Quratulain Rajput
CSE659 Computational Intelligence MS/PhD (CS) Dr. Sajjad Haider
Ms. Saleha Raza
CSE668 Big Data Analytics MS/PhD (CS) Dr. Sajjad Haider
CSE655 Probabilistic Reasoning MS/PhD (CS) Dr. Sajjad Haider
MIS302 Decision Support Systems BBA(MIS) Dr. Sajjad Haider
BUS501 Business Analytics MBA Dr. Sajjad Haider